Vocal Coaching – Voice Training and more

It’s all about emotion, the right use of the voice and even more about excelling professionally. That’s why, in my coaching, I put great value in improving more than just my clients’ technical vocal skills. Focusing on this aspect alone would fulfill only a part of the task at hand and not lead to the best results; because it’s also about joy and ease, endurance, discipline and coping with every day life.

The question is: How can you remain balanced and structure your everyday life and working environment to stay in tune with the source of your inspiration?

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Thoroughly in Tune

In the comfortable atmosphere of my studio in the center of Cologne , I work with my clients on their voice, on their self-confidence, their strengths and their weaknesses, on their awareness of their own responsibility and self-determination. And, last but not least, of course on their music. I embolden my clients to awaken their dormant potential.
Pia desideria – Follow Your Inner Voice
My coaching is based on the approach that voice, mind and body are regarded equally. That’s because only a faultless instrument can resonate harmoniously unfolding the richest tones that are waiting to be discovered. Mind and body are one.

If you train both and stay in tune with your inner voice, you’ll become more in touch with yourself, enabling you to grow beyond your previous borders.

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