Vocal Coaching Overview

Singing Lessons – Voice Training

In the course of my work, I notice time and time again that many people believe they need many hours of singing lessons in order to improve.
Der Stimmige Auftritt – voice studio
This is not necessarily the case – even if one has already reached a certain level of experience. Sometimes it only takes a single lesson to make significant improvements to the way you sing. Mostly this has to do with misconceptions about the voice, its’ tonal range and the functions.

Focused Vocal Coaching

Today more than ever, time is short and budgets are limited. That is why I firmly believe vocal coaching must be as focused and effective as possible. It’s all about getting to the point in the shortest time possible without sacrificing attention to detail. My deep knowledge of the voice and experience as a vocal coach ensure that this is what happens in your lessons.

Below you will find an overview of the vocal coaching services I offer:

Singing Lessons in Cologne

For those who are interested in taking singing lessons.
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Project Oriented Vocal Coaching

For those who are bound by tight schedules, who need urgent support at short notice or singers who prefer to work more intensely over a shorter period of time.

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Estill Voice Training™ (EVT™) in Cologne/ Germany

For those who are particularly interested in getting more involved with Estill Voice Training™ (EVT™).

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Vocal Coaching during a Studio Production and/or Live

For those who need support before a fast approaching studio production or concert, during a studio or film production or while on tour.

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Enhancement of Vocal and Physical Performance Capabilities

For those who need help in overcoming a so calles “vocal crisis” or who are looking for direction in stress management.

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Discovery and further Development of the Singer’s Personality

For those artists who want to work on their voice without losing their own unique and recognizable sound.

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Seminars and Workshops for Singers

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