Train the Trainer

Are you a singing teacher who wants to optimize your lessons?

Then I can help.
This can be in the form of a personal consultation and/or in the form of lesson supervision.

First, we work out and define together the relevant topics and then we set a goal-oriented approach to focus on those areas that are most interesting for you. 
For example, possible topics could include:

  • Increasing your understanding of the way the voice functions
  • Broadening your teaching options by learning how to improve working on voice technique
  • Estill Voice Training™ (EVT™)
  • Identifying and correctly analyzing problems and their causes
  • Planning more educationally meaningful lessons

Within “Der Stimmige Auftritt – Train the Trainer” there is room for a wide range of topics that deal with teaching. However, in this instance, as opposed to large seminars or workshops, the advantage is that everything evolves around you within a private atmosphere and personalized framework.

Drop of water on a leaf – private atmosphere