Recording Options in a Sound Studio

Our studio SchaubFactory is available for top-quality vocal recordings. Of course, previously recorded productions can be mixed here as well.

Technical information:


Microphone: Brauner VM1
Preamp: Manley VOXBOX


  • Cables: VOVOX and MONSTER

Coaching for Instrumentalists

Instrumentalists often have to contend with the consequences of strained muscles, tendons and joints. In many instances, this can be traced back to incorrect posture or even a misunderstanding of the human anatomy and sequential movement. 

My work with topics such as harmonious breath flow, coherent movement and natural body alignment can help musicians find their way back to unencumbered playing. I also apply my knowledge of „Living in a Body” (LiaB™) and Terlusology® methods.
I carefully observe and analyze how musicians play. When necessary, I correct counter productive habits or inconsistencies. Understanding the human anatomy plays a role here so that musicians can consciously and self confidently prevent unnecessary strain in the future.