Welcome to “Der Stimmige Auftritt”!

This website is all about vocal coaching, singing lessons and voice training. It’s about singing and speaking – or more specifically – it’s about the voice.

My coaching and range of services are designed for those who want to work with and on their voice – from professional singers and teachers with particular singing technique requirements to ambitious amateur singers and other professionals whose success depends on a rich and resilient voice.
In my voice studio I work with up to date computer- and audio equipment.

Whether you are looking for professional vocal coaching, singing lessons, pure Estill Voice Training™, to develop your skills as a singer, intensive training for your speaking voice, to give you more self confidence or maybe a combination of these – as an experienced vocal coach, voice trainer and singing teacher I am able to offer a wide range of customized training opportunities. Not only live in my voice studio in Cologne but also via Skype or FaceTime.

Would you like to train your voice? 
Or, are you looking for tangible guidance and instruction to improve your singing techniques? And, do you feel spoken to when it comes to solution-oriented suggestions for your individual stress management needs or the development of a more personally coherent way of working?

I’m pleased that you are interested in my site and services and I hope you enjoy discovering the many different training options available to you. Please visit the German version of this site to find brand new information and updates.

Yours truly,

Birgitta Maria Schaub

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