Singing Lessons in Cologne

Voice Technique and Interpretation

In general in my singing lessons I work on both pure voice technique and interpreting songs. The emphasis varies depending on the individual focus, wishes and abilities of my client.

What is important for me is that, while improving your singing skills, you enjoy singing, receive supportive feedback, and learn to love your own voice as a part of your self. This applies equally to amateurs and to professionals working under pressure, to vocalcoaching and singing lessons.

Contents of my Singing Lessons

My singing lessons include the theory behind and practical work on

  • The seperate mechanical and muscular functions of the vocal tract (mainly based on Estill Voice Training)
  • The relevant anatomy and vocal functions
  • Enhanced awareness and control of the vocal tract and it’s functions
  • The correlation between voice function and the intended sound, and the definition of the so called voice qualities Speech, Falsetto, Sob, Twang, Opera and Belting.

And additionally

  • Breath support
  • Self perception
  • Listening
  • WarmUp and CoolDown
  • Pitch and colouring
  • Pronunciation and articulation
  • Concious use of effects and sounds
  • Healthy use of the voice
  • Vocal health in general
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Body posture
  • Singing with microphone
  • Taking care of your voice while on tour

Working on musical styles and interpretation

  • Expression
  • Phrasing
  • Style
  • Develloping personal style and sound

Computer and Audio Equipment

TechnikIn my voice studio in Cologne I work with the latest computer and audio equipment. In addition to conventional piano accompaniment I use synthesizer and bass sounds, drum loops and programmed rhythm tracks to provide the different styles my clients need.

This is especially helpful when working on feeling and phrasing and – it’s more fun!

Additional Benefits of Computer Technology

  • Spontaneous exercises can be recorded in the lesson and taken home for practicing
  • Transposing backing tracks to the ideal key for my client
  • Review of my client’s video and audio recordings

Singing Lessons via Skype

Thanks to broad band internet access I can offer my services not only live in my voice studio in Cologne but also via Skype or Facetime, given certain technical requirements on your part. If you are interested in having singing lessons or vocal coaching via skype simply contact me.
You’ll find more information on the technical requirements in my blog article (in German only) or under FAQ.

foto:©Birgitta Maria Schaub

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